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Take 5: Senan Power, Business Development Manager, AirSpeed Telecom

AirTime chatted with Business Development Manager Senan Power about his role at AirSpeed and the changes he’s seen in customer requirements over the years.

You joined AirSpeed Telecom as Business Development Manager over six years ago. How have customers’ needs changed since then?

Customer requirements have changed considerably. When I first started working with AirSpeed customers were looking for 2Mb circuits, then they would renew two years later and increase their circuits to 10Mb. Now the bandwidth requirements have jumped to a starting point of 100Mb as a result of a growing reliance on the cloud and bandwidth hungry applications. We’re also seeing customers looking to connect multiple sites a lot more, with dual connectivity at their headquarters and single access at other locations. Customers’ needs are constantly evolving, and for us it’s a matter of trying to stay ahead of what they need and being aware of what’s coming down the line.

So, what’s a typical AirSpeed customer now?

Nowadays, a typical AirSpeed customer is likely to have multiple sites around the country; a head office perhaps and then sites distributed nationwide. We also have customers who need to connect into offices in the UK or Europe, and with our growing network and partners we’re able to connect them to these locations too. There could also be a data centre involved where they would have a rack and we would bring connectivity in. Increasingly our customers also have requirements for high bandwidth, premium SLAs and service support.

How has AirSpeed responded to the changing communications market?

Our response is to stick to what we’re good at: providing connectivity. We have great economies of scale in that area and over the years we’ve extended our portfolio to include access technologies including DSL and fibre. We’ve also expanded our product range with products such as SIP voice, Cloud Connect and managed firewall. These are rapidly growing areas for us and our offerings provide serious benefits to companies looking to make savings and reduce the burden on their IT teams. For example, with a managed firewall, companies can outsource their firewall management to experts like AirSpeed, freeing up their IT department to focus on value-added tasks.

Have AirSpeed’s recent awards wins (European Business Awards and Tech Excellence Awards) helped raise the profile of the company?

Absolutely. Our profile has improved vastly over the past couple of years through high-profile award wins, and also through the media. When I first started working with AirSpeed Telecom, we were not a household name, but we are quickly becoming one now among our target audience. When I’m speaking with companies now I’m pleased to hear them say “we’ve heard of AirSpeed; we know what you do”. Now that we’re becoming better known our next goal is to educate companies about our depth of offering when it comes to access technologies like fibre.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job?

For me, what’s most rewarding is retaining customers. Winning new business matters certainly, but when customers renew their contracts it’s a testament to the service we’re providing them. They’re happy with us and want to keep their business with us. Customer satisfaction is a huge priority for AirSpeed Telecom and for me personally. Delivering orders on time and, in some instances, responding to urgent requests where companies need circuits quickly is one of our specialities. Ultimately I enjoy building a rapport with customers; meeting their unique requirements and making sure they get what they’ve ordered in a timely manner.  

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